Utilizing our versitile team of photographer-technicians, Kairos consolidates needs, minimizes costs and more easily manages their technology-forward leasing programs nationwide.

Envisia has provided services for hundreds of Kairos’ growing number of properties nationally.

best Services Provide By Kairos

Matterport 3D Models

As with many of our real estate clients, Matterport provides multiple solutions for Kairos.

Matterport’s silky smooth 360 Tours are powerful property marketing tools enabling prospective tenants to visit homes online as if they are actually there.  We work with Kairos to ensure the models are digitally integrated in the most effective ways possible.

The data is valuable in assessing the “pre-lease” condition of the property remotely.

For Kairos’s ongoing property management and maintenance needs, having a digital catalog of their portfolio accessible at any time provides a substantial advantage for evaluation and decision making.

Learn more about the full potential of Matterport including easily calculating measurements, informational hotspots, sharing data amongst your team and more.

Kairos Living

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Real Estate Photography

 Our professionally captured and edited photography is         delivered in a gallery format.  We provide free ongoing hosting   of your photos so they are always accessible and easily   shareable.


Floorplan Creation

A set of floorplans are produced for all properties we service for Kairos.  They are included as part of the property marketing materials and kept for reference by property management.

Survey Photography

We worked together with Kairos to create a standardized list of “completion photos” that are required along with a final certification checklist before a property is confirmed as “rent-ready”.

Home Inspections

  Along with completion photos, a final certification checklist is      submitted to Kairos upon inspection to ensure all systems are    functioning and that construction was completed properly. 

Final Construction

 Following property purchases and renovation projects, Kairos     relies on our team to satisfy any light construction needs         including the installation of locks, thermostats, blinds, trim and   fixtures. 

Construction & Rennovations

  For more intensive construction projects and renovations, we      partner with our sister company, EDP Contract Services,  EDP      provides full construction services regionally and nationally.