Standard Operating Proceedures

The following outlines the steps our team takes when capturing, editing, and producing media. Small modifications to the process can sometimes be made upon request. Otherwise, we suggest our “customized photoshoot” option if you feel a more tailored photoshoot is a better fit for your needs.

A $150 cancellation fee will be applied for photoshoots that are canceled or postponed within 12 hours of the scheduled time. We encourage customers to give us as much time as possible if a reschedule is needed but we will accommodate at no-charge if the change is made prior to 12 hours beforehand.

Property Preparedness
The property is expected to be photoshoot-ready upon the photographer’s arrival. If the photographer is delayed longer than 15 minutes for any reason then a $150 fee will be added to the cost of the photoshoot.

Customized Photoshoot
Our photoshoots follow a finely-tuned process that ensures consistency and exceptional quality. Our photographers and editors are rigorously trained to follow this process.  Sometimes, however, a client may have a vision that steps outside our normal workflow or have a request that goes beyond what we provide as part of our services. Smaller requests are often accommodated. For larger requests, we provide a “customized photoshoot’ option available for purchase. Please use the information below and contact us with further questions to decide if our workflow is in line with your vision (it most likely will be) or if a customized photoshoot will be a better fit.

The photographer will do the following upon arrival. Please let us know before the photoshoot if your preferences differ from those below.

  • Turn on all lights and turn off all fans (unless they are unable to find switches, lights are not functioning or need replacement bulbs).
  • Open all blinds. Exceptions are sometimes made in cases where there is direct sunlight or an unsightly view.
  • Interior doors (except closets) will be left open. The photographer may make exceptions for unsightly views, such as a view into the laundry room or utility room.

The property is expected to be photoshoot-ready upon the photographer’s arrival. The photographer may make minor adjustments to the decor and furnishings that are obvious and easy improvements but is not responsible for situating any items at the property. We do offer 3rd party staging services. Please contact us if interested.

A minimum of 35 photos per property will be delivered. Depending on the layout and features, the photographer will determine the best number of photos per area/room.

The photographer will choose angles and perspectives that best showcase the space and demonstrate the layout. Photos from corners with the widest possible angle typically work best and are given priority.

If bedrooms and bathrooms are limited to a single photo, these photos will generally be taken at the entrance to the room. Additional photos of each room will be taken with best views and perspectives in mind.

Photos are taken at heights between 3-6 feet with consideration to a room’s spaciousness, the height of surfaces, and the height of furniture.

Televisions and monitors are turned off when possible.

For patio/balcony shots, if space allows, the photographer will attempt to capture a portion of the balcony (including furniture) along with the view from the balcony.

Our Residential Real Estate Photography Services and Packages follow industry accepted best practices and make the property itself the focus. We also offer “Lifestyle/Asthetic Photography” as and add-on service.

Lifestyle or Aesthetic Real Estate Photography is done in a particular style. It emphasizes architectural elements, furnishings, props, and other environmental features to better bring out a property’s character. This is in contrast with standard real estate photography, which focuses on showing the space and layout in the best way possible. The style requires a more intensive technique and is therefore offered as an add-on service.

Premium photo editing (universal coloring and lighting adjustments) is included as part of our service.  We also provide sky replacement as needed. Our editing services do not include removing elements within a photograph or any element-specific editing beyond what is stated above (window pulls and sky replacement). If you are in need of these additional editing services, please contact us and we will provide a quote.

A combination of drone video clips (aerials and exterior) and Matterport’s “Guided Tour” feature (interior) are combined to produce our property marketing videos.
A minimum of 6 drone shots will be included. Property features, surrounding features, tree lines, surrounding structures, utility lines, sun position and other factors are considerations when selecting clips. Videos  typically include the following clips:.
Intro shot (push) from the front of the property
Pan from a slightly higher altitude.
A closer proximity shot of the front of the property.
2-3 shots from the back of the property at various altitudes and angles.

Matterport’s Guided Tour feature will be used as effectively as possible to showcase the entirety of the interior. Accepted best practices that keep the viewer’s attention in mind will remain a consideration. For smaller interiors, we may show more than one angle of a single room.  For larger interiors, we may exclude less featureable spaces altogether in an effort to keep the length of the video reasonable.

The Matterport Guided Tour feature is well-received in the industry.  It is superior at showcasing interior layouts and is overwhelmingly favored over traditional video for this reason. It can, however, produce less-than-ideal results when creating a virtual walkthrough of the property (the tour will sometimes go through a wall). Though unavoidable, these results are infrequent and have very little effect on the overall quality of the video. For clients who favor traditional interior video, we offer this as an upgrade.

We hold a paid membership with SoundStripe ( Clients are encouraged to visit SoundStripe and provide us with a song of their choosing for video background music. Otherwise, we will choose from this platform and use the selected music on all videos going forward. Clients are also welcome to provide us with a song of their choosing outside of SoundStripe. Please keep copyright infringement in mind. YouTube is particularly stringent and will make videos unviewable if their policies are violated.

We will work with Realtors to format and incorporate branding into videos. Once finalized, it is templated and used for all videos going forward.

Matterport and Virtual Tours
We take a “Real Estate” approach when creating 3D/360 solutions. This means we make the tours fluid and well connected. Views of all rooms are included. Projects, however, do not include as much data as we often provide for other industries such as architecture and insurance. If you are needing a virtual tour/3D model that requires more data for any reason, let us know and we will provide a quote.

We work to have your media delivered as quickly as possible. For projects including video, we ask for 3 days, and for packages not including video, we ask for 2 days.