Virtual "Facilities Maintenance" Solutions

Our solutions are seamlessly integrated on one interface, putting streamlined cross-functional operations, asset management, and maintenance at your fingertips.

…from anywhere in the world.

Detailed Analysis of your Portfolio, as if You are Actually There

Our immersive facilities maintenance solutions transform how sites are managed remotely.  Through dynamic web-based platforms, management teams can access virtual walkthroughs, full-scale digital twins, interactive maps and critical data.

These tools are seamlessly integrated on one interface, putting streamlined cross-functional operations, asset management, and maintenance at your fingertips.

…from anywhere in the world.

We bring together high-resolution imagery and in-depth analysis tools so you can effectively plan, collaborate, and organize tasks while saving time and money previously spent traveling to each site.  360VR, 3D modeling, infrared scanning, moisture readers, and more, enable you to visualize the entirety of your properties to inform more precise decision-making as it pertains to maintenance, investment, and direction to onsite personnel.

All-in-One Dynamic Viewer

View your portfolio from a whole new angle and inform more effective decision-making by bringing together high-definition imagery and actionable data – all in one place.  Our Dynamic Viewer is an intuitive web-based platform that hosts all of your imagery, data, and reporting in one place for easy, anytime access.

With the ability to upload notes and metadata directly through our customizable app, our viewer enables you and your team to explore and share detailed 3D walkthroughs, high-definition aerial and 3D imagery, terrestrial imagery, floor plans, and much more. Accessible from any web browser at the push of a button, it empowers your team to view each of your facilities in greater depth to facilitate improved decision-making at any stage of the project life cycle, from inspections and remodels to due diligence and site assessments.

Geotagged 360VR Interiors & Exteriors

Immersive, high-resolution, accurately plotted 360 imagery enables your team to walk and view sites as if they are actually there – inside, outside, and from above.  Viewing your portfolio in 360 allows you to better analyze property conditions, systems, assets, and resources.  It is also an invaluable added feature when analyzing and trying to determine the placement of other collected field data and inspection results integrated within our platform.  The advanced functionality of our platform allows you to isolate the imagery you are viewing by type and by level.

Geotagged Data Collection

Whether capturing data to support your high-resolution imagery or to serve as the leading project focus, our platform enables you to host and access in-depth data from anywhere.  With fully customizable inputs within our app, we put critical data about site conditions, MEP, measurements & dimensions, and asset labels & schedules all at your fingertips.

Building Envelope

From our aerial 3D modeling capabilities to our 50mp close proximity imagery, our solutions provide you with immersive and powerful tools for evaluation and better decision-making.  Fully integrated and exceptionally intuitive, these tools provide comprehensive insight into site conditions and the ability to accurately assess specific defects and areas of interest.

Matterport 3D Models

Matterport provides a multifaceted solution for property management teams.  Silky-smooth 360 Tours are ideal property marketing tools, enabling prospective tenants to visit homes online as if they are actually there.  In addition, it works as an invaluable resource for ongoing property management and maintenance needs. Having a precise digital catalog of portfolios accessible at any time provides a substantial advantage for evaluation and decision-making.

  •  We work with property management and marketing teams to ensure the models are integrated in the most effective ways possible.
  • The data is valuable in assessing the “pre-lease” condition of the property remotely.
  • Learn more about the full potential of Matterport including easily calculating measurements, informational hotspots, sharing data amongst your team and more

Area-Targeted Inspections

In addition to providing you with a dynamic and immersive way to inspect your properties through our solutions, we will follow your lead in creating site-specific and area-specific inspection procedures.  As with all imagery and data,  inspection documentation can be seamlessly integrated into our All-in-One Dynamic Viewer.